Pricing is for a pair (2) number plates.

Numbers are 8" high. The overall size of the number plate is 12.5" wide by 11.5" high.

Air-release Vinyl
We use high-end vinyls with air-release technology. Air bubbles are simply pressed away with a finger or a squeegee resulting in a smooth professional looking install. Say no to cheap sign vinyl!

Reusable Vinyl
A great alternative to magnet material. Perfect for cars with non-magnetic body panels such as aluminum, fiberglass or carbon fiber. Also sticks great to windows. This low-tac vinyl is removable and reusable, and will not blow off in the wind.

High-strength Magnet
Our magnetic material is the strongest on the market. Follow our install instructions and you should not have a problem with these magnets flying off your car. Note: Magnets do not attract to fiberglass, carbon fiber, or aluminum.