Magnetic Number Roundels

  • $24.99

Customizations Total: $0.00

Sold individually, not in pairs.
Sized by roundel diameter, not number height.

To maximize your number height, select a narrow font such as "Impact". Also, 1- or 2-digit numbers will be taller than 3-digit numbers within the same diameter roundel.

High-strength Magnet
Our magnetic material is the strongest on the market. Follow our install instructions and you should not have a problem with these magnets flying off your car. Note: Magnets do not attract to fiberglass, carbon fiber, or aluminum.

Typically shipped out within 3 business days.

To view our colors, please see our color chart

These round Magnetic Door Numbers (AKA Meatballs or Roundels) are the perfect solution for club racing, high performance driving events (HPDE), track days, and any other type of motorsport event.


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