Magnetic Numbers & Lettering

Do not install magnets over Car Wraps, Clear Bras, Bondo, Aluminum, Composite, or Carbon Fiber. Do not install magnets across body door gaps or over trim pieces. They must be installed on a single flat surface on the vehicle.

Step 1 - Clean the mounting surface and the back of the magnet thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Dry thoroughly.

Step 2 - Position the magnet how you want it on the mounting surface and apply, using the palm of your hand to sweep back and forth to put pressure across the whole surface to ensure full adhesion.

Step 3 - It is important to clean your magnets regularly. Over time as your car gets wet or dirty, it is possible for dirt or residue to leak down between the magnet and the mounting surface, degrading adhesion of the magnet.

Vinyl Numbers & Lettering

Step 1 - Clean the mounting surface thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Do not use Windex or similar products. Dry thoroughly.

Step 2 - Do not remove the white backing paper yet. Position the decal where you want it on the mounting surface and use a low-tac tape such as blue painters' tape to temporarily keep the decal in place while you perform the rest of the installation instructions. Tape along the TOP side of the decal only.

Step 3 - Reach behind the decal and slowly start pulling down the white backing paper behind the decal. Start with a couple inches. Use a Squeegee or credit card to adhere the top part of the vinyl decal to the mounting surface.

Step 4 - With one hand, continue to slowly pull more of the white backing paper straight down, and with the other hand, use the Squeegee or credit card to continue to press the vinyl decal onto the mounting surface. Applying gentle heat can remove any unwanted bubbles/creases and soften up the vinyl for better adhesion during the application process.

Step 5 - When the decal is fully applied and the white backing paper is fully removed, go over the entire decal once more with the Squeegee. Be sure all edges are firmly pressed against the mounting surface.

Step 6 - Slowly peel away the clear transfer tape covering the decal. DO NOT pull the transfer tape toward you at a 90-degree angle from the mounting surface. Instead, peel it back 180-degrees so the transfer tape is peeling away parallel with the mounting surface. If the decal pulls away from the mounting surface, firmly repeat Step 5. 

Step 7 - Depending on your skill at application, some bubbles may be present in the decal afterwards. Very small sized bubbles will tend to disappear over time after the decal has been in the sun a few times. Larger bubbles can be removed by using a tiny pen or needle to poke a tiny hole and then simply pressing the vinyl down.