What do your sizes mean?

For all decals except Track Outlines, the size indicates the length of the longest dimension, unless otherwise indicated. The Track Outlines on my 4-runner pictured above are 4". 

For Track Outlines, it's a bit tricky. We first orient the track the way it is commonly recognized, and then set the longer of the two dimensions. For example, to create a 6" Road Atlanta Decal, we orient the track as it is commonly oriented, and then we set the longer of the two dimensions (in this case Height) to 6".

Which size Track Outlines should you get?

  • 2" Best for helmets and phones, 1.5mm line width
  • 3" Good for a tablets, laptops, or vehicles, 2.5mm line width
  • 4" Perfect size for vehicles, 3.0mm line width
  • 6" Nice and big on vehicles, 4.5mm line width
  • 9"+ Car Haulers, Trailers, anything else you want! (9" 7.5mm line width, 12" 10mm line width, 18" 15mm line width)