Sized by roundel diameter, not number height.

Note: 1- or 2-digit numbers will be taller than 3-digit numbers within the same diameter roundel. To maximize your number height, select a narrow font, such as "Apex" or "Pro".

Material Info

Air-Release Vinyl is the best option for a semi-permanent solution. This high-tech vinyl has air egress channels allowing for a flawless install without air bubbles. Removable without damaging your car, but not reusable.

Reusable Vinyl is the best option for people who want temporary and reusable decals. The low-tac adhesive will stick to your car, but peel off easily for storage. TIP: Save the included backing paper for storage in-between use.

Magnetic Material is a good option for customers who want an easy to install, temporary, and reusable option. We use the strongest magnet material on the market. NOTE: Magnets do not attract to aluminum, carbon fiber, plastics, or other non-magnetic materials.

All products are laminated for 8+ year outdoor durability.

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